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Red Oak has consistently exceeded our expectations in its responsiveness to our technology needs. 
- Larry Schork

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Professional Consultation
Red Oak Technologies offers professional consulting services across a wide-range of industries. With years of front-line experience, our consultants have a wealth of real-world expertise and practical knowledge that enables them to formulate and help implement cost-effective business solutions for our clients. We draw our consultants from numerous industries including IT, Marketing, Finance and Manufacturing. At Red Oak Technologies, our highly-skilled consultants excel at translating years of industry experience and insight into cost-effective and sustainable business solutions.
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Red Oak Technologies is always interested in building professional relationships with independent consultants. Our large client base means that qualified consultants will have access to a steady stream of interesting and challenging projects across a variety of industries and in all parts of the U.S. If you are an experienced and talented professional consultant apply for positions via our website so that we can begin the process of matching your unique skills and abilities with available positions today.
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